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Deceptively smooth.


Also, I went 1-4 against Keith tonight


His new Zur deck is fucking disgusting.  It got so bad I had to Plague Wind it while it was the only creature on the field.

This bad boy is being benched until further notice.

He’ll be my “break glass when having a bad night” deck, which is a thing now.

And yeah, my only board presence got plague winded by Mike… it was a bullshit play, but hilarious at the same time.

U/W Flicker Control

My deck used at the sealed tourney yesterday.

That tourney was so much fun, I can’t wait for the next one.

I met so many fun people.


First game went 2-0
second game went 2-1, lost the first, then controlled the rest.
God I am such a nerd… Love it.

Third pack in my sealed. U/W flicker. Good god.

Third pack in my sealed. U/W flicker. Good god.

Round Two, Fight!

Attending my second sealed event of this weekend today at noon. Wish me luck! This one will actually involve the helvault! It should be pretty cool.

2 - 2, R/G beats.

The rulings at my LGS are that 4-0 wins 10 packs, 3-1 wins 3, and anything else just gets their pity packs.

You can play any amount of times you like, but once you hit 4-0 you sit out. 3-1 can be exact, or that in terms of a ratio, i.e. 6-2, 9-3.

I ran R/G beat down, featuring a few little tricks up my sleeve with some fun soulbond combos.


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A little nervous.

I checked the listings for AVR, I’m thinking a short handed green/white weenie deck may be in order for this tournament.

But the other colours are so tempting, and black seems to have a wicked hand in creature removal at the moment, which has me second guessing the idea.

It all really depends on what I draw out of the packs, so in the long run we’ll see.

I just hope I dont get slammed with nothing but R/B rares because those are my weakest colours. I might be able to run B/U-G or even R/W-G but this might be a stretch too. All I know is that with 40 card decks I am certainly playing weenie aggro.

Wish me luck tomorrow… I guess.

The Helvault.

My LGS. has two of them.

I’m so determined on being one of the two who get to crack one open, I’m actually pumped to see what the hell is inside of them.

I really hope there is a promo Grislbrand or something, fuck… a promo anything would be awesome.

This weekend cannot come fast enough.

Thinking about starting up a secondary tumblr.

This Tumblr would be entirely dedicated to Magic: The Gathering, I’ve been looking into what Wizards of the Coast requires for their positions in design and development for Magic, one of them is a background in those fields.

So this Tubmlr would be dedicated to the game, and to discussion of development, design, and any/everything Magic.

So here is my question, what should the name of it be?

G/W Vengevine Aggro

New deck idea, I need some advice on how to slim it down…

Cockatrice, the Blathering

I have NO IDEA how to use this program properly.

The game seems to NOT CARE about what you do.

I was giving my LANDS power and toughness… out of no where…

This attempt was failed, going to figure out how to properly use this before I give it another go, or maybe find another outlet.

LackeyCCG is another program I’m currently looking into.