I'm a mathematics major at Rowan University full time, and work as a store clerk part time. I'm just like everyone else who is going to college.
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Deceptively smooth.


MF Doom - Hoe Cakes.

Stuck in my head all day, I love how catchy the beat is.

Meet Vinny, the tiny GreyHound. Vinny is my aunts dog and he is a tiny little spaz.

Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground

An old friend of mine posted this in my facebook saying he found my dopple-ganger and then I found some new music to jive to.


Kickass Kid of the Day: Scholastic recently issued a challenge — could a first-grader write a complete story?

Six-year-old Scotty put pen to paper, and his outstanding entry, The Knight’s Quest, (Nit’s Qast), was animated into this short cartoon — complete with the young author’s original spelling.



Oh god, it looks like it was written by Gerard.

I’ve been watching this kids videos for the past hour or so.

He really knows his shit, and makes everything right infront of you.

I’m going to have to play around with some of these traps soon.

He also has a good amount of views on his vids, which is pretty cool too.

Oh man, the whole video of the Victor and Reggie wooten battle….

I’ve never seen slap guitar before I saw Reggie play… still dont really believe this man has any fingers.

And Victor is just making love to that bass…. and we’re all lucky just to get to see it.

Ratatat - Lex

Second to last day of class in Color theory this cute girl puts this on.

I had never listened to Ratatat before…. it’s all so super catchy, this being the first song I can recall her playing that day. God damn.

Wow, 5 Second Films really knows how to push the darkness…. Holy shit that was sad.

Woodkid - Iron

This song is so awesome…

Not to mention was used in the trailer for A.C. Revelations which is what brought me to it in the first place.