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Deceptively smooth.


It’s all over now

Now that breaking bad is finally over, it’s time to rejoin society and learn how to act like a normal person again.

Really tho, time to reconnect to my life.


Breaking Bad as a TV Sitcom

Oh my god, this is fucking hilarious.

If you’ve seen this episode you know just how tense everything was during this, but that laugh track is just too much to handle here.

Season 4 ep. 11. “Crawl Space”

The ending to this episode was/is unbelievably powerful. I cannot believe where this story has gone now… this is absolutely insane.

The ending had me shaking, literally shaking of nervousness for what was going to happen.

Breaking bad has got to be the best thing I’ve ever had to pleasure of watching, everything about this show is just beautifully complete, complex, and absurd.

I love this show.

1 episode left

1 more episode of Breaking Bad and I will be done season 3…

just finished “Half Measures”…. it ended so rediculous, time to watch “Full Measure.”

It’s gotta be rediculous.

Breaking Bad

I’m one episode away from finishing season 2.

"Pheonix" was completely depressing.

What the fuck.

Sometimes I get bored, sometimes I draw Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.

Sometimes I get bored, sometimes I draw Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.

Breaking Bad

I have been seeing countless commercials for this show on the television recently, and not having seen it before it caught my attention.

I downloaded season 1-3 today and just finished watching the pilot episode.

So far, damned good. I’m excited to see where it goes.